Articulation refers to the formation of distinct sounds in speech. So, basically, articulation disorder is an illness that disrupts a child to produce a pronunciation of a specific type of sounds such as L, R, S or Z. 

A child who suffers from articulation disorder will find it challenging to make a cluster of words or syllables containing the above-mentioned sounds due to the incorrect tongue placement in the mouth called the Lisp. 

I recently worked with a kid who is unable to make a clear S sound and has been consistently practicing the sound with the material provided by his speech therapist for almost two years.

As he is with a lateral lisp, It takes a long time to help him improve as he tends to produce the S sound by letting the air escapes from both sides of the mouth. 


What the speech therapist and I do is to model how we make our S sound by saying the T sound 5 times before producing the S sound.

This technique really helps him a lot in terms of making a clear S sound when practicing words on the flashcard with us. 

Normally, I work with him 3 days a week for about 15 to 20 minutes to practice his S sound through flashcards I got from his therapist and repetition of the correct mouth and tongue movements.

In case you would like flashcards, I will insert them down below. 

Here is a video I find very useful and similar to what we have been doing with him.