Broca’s area

Based on Britannica’s definition Broca’s area is an area of the brain located in the frontal part of the left side of the brain.

Wernicke’s area

Similarly, Wernicke’s area is situated in the temporal lobe on the left side of the brain.

This area serves the role in a vital role in speech and language comprehension. 

As you may have guessed, when the temporal lobe is damaged, it can result in a language disorder. This, in its technical term, is known as Wernicke’s Aphasia. 

Wernicke’s Aphasia is a condition by which the person is fluent in the language but does not have the ability to comprehend the content or what is being communicated to.

The person does not have any difficulties in producing clear sounds, phrases, and grammatically correct sentences

However, he/she might respond or talk about something completely irrelevant to the questions asked.

Here is a video showing what Wernicke’s Aphasia is like.

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