How long have I been in Australia?

It has been nearly two months that I have been in Australia.

During these few months, I noticed that I have grown so much lazier. Just kidding but partly true! While living here, I realized that it is not just the formal education I will gain but also other life skills that I am taking with me when I go back to my home country.

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What else have I learned?


I mean, I know how to drive back home. But, because It is a new country, a new rule and a new side of the steering wheel, I had been told that I had a lot of things to learn.

The first few weeks were pretty rough. Not knowing how to drive and where to go was not the most frustrating period for me. I was not allowed to drive those first few weeks because I couldn’t prove that I could drive on my own and also I did not have any car insurance.

Until one day, I had enough and I decided to take myself on a 45-minutes drive to school. Well, I guess, I proved myself wrong. I can drive and I will drive to where I need to go with caution by the way!

So what I am trying to say is stop doubting your own ability. If you think you can do it, it is because you can do it. Give it a try and see from there. Remember, fears don’t shut you down. They wake you up.


Believe it or not, I was born in a very loving family who loves to spoil me so much that I don’t even have to worry about cooking. It is fantastic, isn’t it?

Well, not so much when you are finally put in a situation where there is no one to cook for you and that if you don’t cook, you don’t eat!  I have to learn from the baby steps, asking people how to do it, writing down what to buy and learning how to cook my home country food from Youtube.

To be honest, I never thought that I could cook this quickly. Well, although the first time of my cooking did not go as I had planned. But, I am learning it and I am getting there. I now know how to make pork porridge, braised pork, stir fry vegetables and other Cambodian food.

I also know how to make desserts ( something I think I should also mention)

Grocery Shopping

I started from going everywhere in the shop to get my ingredient to knowing exactly which section I need to go and get the “ ingredient”!  It is funny though to see shopkeepers look at you very confused and concerned! I was not lost. I just did not know where and what to get first so I need to do some exploration!

Another thing I also learned from grocery shopping is that if you don’t know the vocabulary of the items you want to buy, just point. It works, too. Then go home and read the name/ label on the plastic later when you get home.  Also, bring your own recycle bag/ plastic bag if you do not want to get an extra charge.  I think I am rambling too much so I am going to sign off now!

Hope everyone is well!

Lots of loves!