What I usually do during my school days

First thing first, I usually check my FLO ( Flinders Learning Online) to see what journals i need to read before attending the lecture. Normally, there are two to three related topic journals posted every week for us to read and prepare for class.

After, I drive about 45 to 50 minutes and attend the class. Classes normally involve lectures and guest speakers to share their experiences and strategies they use in their fields. It is quite interesting to hear and get to learn what works and what does not throughout their journey. 

After class, I usually just go home straight away, proceeding with my normal routines and prepare some of the work for the next day. 

What I hope to get out of this course 

Preferably to gain more experiences working with diverse learning needs individuals. Currently, I am volunteering with the city of Salisbury to work with special individuals. The age range is quite diverse and I am hoping to build my skill set and confidence to become more comfortable and flexible in working with different people with different age range. 

I also hope that by taking the course and volunteering, I will be able to move from working in the community center to working in a school in order to gain firsthand experience and bring this experience back to work in Cambodia.

How do I feel about the course?

It is my first semester at Flinders. I think I am learning but not as much as I had expected. I feel that some of the compulsory topics i am taking are not necessarily helpful for my career but who knows? I might need those skills later in life when I am in the field. 

The system here is super-advanced so if you consider taking the course, you should probably familiarise yourself with technology. Most of the things are online, including reading materials, quizzes, assignments and assessments.  So you need to be more organized and alarmed at any time. 

The course is also expensive. Everything costs money so make sure you make the best out of it. The books, the parking space, printing, basically, you will be spending a lot of money when come to study abroad.  

What the class is like

Mostly, we just sit there listening to the lectures. Some of the lectures, have tutorial classes for us to do some exercises and discussion about the previous lectures. Some other we just come back home to do the tutorial questions on our own. Really, it depends on which topics you are enrolled in. 


Get your child ready for the next school year.

Get your child ready for the next school year.

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