Jobs, Roles and Responsibilities

Recently, I have come across a very inspiring video about a Special Education Teacher who teaches her kids life functioning skills.

In the video, the teacher has introduced a very useful lesson to help special kids learn and grow through real life lessons, particularly, daily talks and functional skills to fit in the community.

I feel really inspired to see such as passionate Special Ed Teacher who, besides planning lessons for her kids, works so passionately to teach the kids to learn not only to socialize but also to recognize their jobs, roles and responsibilities.

My Thoughts

I personally believe that it would be useful to employ these real-life lessons in Cambodia. Special kids will be able to involve as well as contribute to the community just like everyone else.

Though these skills, it allows people to understand how they work and how capable they are to perform daily tasks

In brief, I think real-life lessons are as important as formal education regardless of their challenges or barriers.